Waves Assignment:            Your presentation section: ___________  SECTIONS

Each Student will be responsible for making a PowerPoint presentation of one section from the book.

Your presentation must include:

  1. All the information presented (Use Roman numerals to help with outlining topic)
  2. Explain/Summarize USING YOUR OWN WORDS
  3. You MUST include at least three PICTURES/PHOTOS (usually off the web) that help to further understand your topic. (MORE pictures = BETTER = better grade!!!)
  4. Your NAME must be on the TITLE PAGE
  5. Save your presentation as the book section number and your name (i.e. - "25-3 Brendan Linnane")
  6. You should use PowerPoint, or you may do it in another format.
  7. You need to supply Mr. Morrison with a DIGITAL copy of your presentation.

Your completed Presentation is due NEXT CLASS.

It shouldn't take you much longer than your normal homework Notes assignments!!!