Heat and Thermodynamics exam Written Questions

For each of the following questions:  ANSWER NEATLY AND COMPLETELY...  Either show equation-substitution-solution or Write your answer in complete sentences.

1.  Explain why putting a dented table-tennis ball in a pot of boiling water will help remove the dent.





2.  Use the example of a barn to illustrate that natural systems tend to proceed toward greater entropy.  Explain Entropy in your answer!





3.  Give two reasons why a tire pump becomes hotter when used to pump a tire.



4.  Use gasoline in your car as an example to explain that energy becomes less organized when it transforms from one form to another.





5.  What amount of heat is required to raise the temperature of 150 grams of water by 20°C?



6.  Suppose you apply a flame and heat one liter of water and raise its temperature by 40°C. If you instead transfer the same quantity of heat to 8 liters of water at the same temperature, what will be the temperature increase?



7.  An absolute temperature of 473 K is the same as what Celsius temperature?



8.  Draw a table for both the Kelvin and Celsius temperatures for absolute zero, freezing point and boiling point of water.



9.  The temperature of an object is raised by 70ºC. This is equivalent to what increase in its absolute temperature? Briefly explain.




10.  Calculate the ideal efficiency of a power plant that runs between temperatures 400 K and 150 K.



11.  If 5000J of heat is added to a heat engine but only 3500J of work is done by the engine, what happens to the remaining energy?


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